We get stuck in a place of “wanting” and “desiring” but we don’t take action.

Will this be another year of lost hope when it comes to changing your health, habits, and behaviors?

We get stuck in the place of research… I do this as an Enneagram Type 1. I want to read, plan, doubt the efficacy, read some more, plan even more. In the meantime, I haven’t taken one single bit of action.

I want to make the right choices and have perfect results straight out of the gate. I want the results to come quickly and as painlessly as possible.


I understand where you are too well, in fact it has taken quite a bit of re-learning and training myself to just take action. ANY ACTION!

BUT...I am improving greatly.

A perfect example of not taking action:

I purchased a course on FB ads a while back. Learning how to utilize this tool in my business was important to me. I didn’t want to WASTE money on advertising.

I started the program, as I went through it I wondered if someone else was teaching an easier method because this made no sense to this girl who would rather dream up ideas for business; I didn’t want to get hung up on these technical pieces.

So I started researching again and getting lost in the vortex of Facebook ad land. I became overwhelmed. I no longer knew what to believe. So I just stopped and decided to do nothing.

I came back to the program 2 years later!!!

Guess what? This program was now obsolete! Everything about Facebook ads in this program was pretty much all different...the entire Ad Manager platform was different. Metrics were different! Strategies were different. Set up was different. The program made FB ads even MORE frustrating because it was no longer up to date.

I’m guessing that is what is happening to you in your journey to revitalized health.

You are researching, planning, asking for recommendations, reading, watching videos, getting more opinions. All the while KNOWING that something has to be done but not taking any action.

You’re stuck in a state of self-doubt, you need a mindset shift!

You make progress by working through self-doubt and taking action!

3 ways to take action

Today, my friend, you are changing your story!

Here are 3 ways to take action & gain momentum:

  1. Set a goal
    -Go from wishing and wanting and desiring to creating the goal.

  2. Set a deadline to have a plan
    -Take some time to think about what you want to do. But give yourself a deadline. Because things will take you as long as you allow. Be decisive, set a date.

  3. Tell someone about your deadline
    -By telling someone, you are asking someone to check in with you about this deadline you have set for yourself. Tell them why this is a goal and why it is important to you. You are being held accountable.

I would love to hear how you are taking action to gain the results you desire. Share in the comments or tag me on social media!

Here’s to making 2019 a different story! Until next time, here’s to Whole Health, Whole Love, Whole Success.