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Your health has an enemy. Its name is stress.


Your health has an enemy. Its name is stress.

Empowering high-achieving women to increase their success by beating burnout and making health a priority.


Hey Sister!! Welcome!

I’m Ericka Eller and I am a Women’s Wellness Coach. 

I believe that every business woman deserves to know their vibrant worth and feel comfortable in their skin-without taking extreme, unhealthy measures. 

I work with PHENOMENAL business women who are ready to reclaim their health, energy, and time while dropping the lies and insecurities playing with their minds. 

You’re crushing your business goals but your health needs to level up!

You can rock that boardroom and have customers and colleagues eating out of your hand but still feel insecure because you have swapped healthy eats and exercise for quick, easy, empty calories and late nights working and it is taking a toll on your body.  Where did that confident, healthy girl go?

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Your success has an enemy. Its name is stress.

Your success has an enemy. Its name is stress.

You are a woman on a mission! 

You are laser focused and you produce results in your career. You have goals, deadlines, clients to serve and you do it all while raising a family too! Yet... fueling your body with the proper nutrients and finding an effective workout program for YOU completely boggles your mind.

You’re here because you are tired of being tired and you are stretched beyond belief but you KNOW there has to be a better way. You look in the mirror and wonder where your sparkle went. Or maybe, you don’t even recognize the woman staring back at you?

You’re here because you have tried all the fad diets, detoxes, and workout programs to just quit in frustration because the cursed scale won’t budge and you lose all motivation.

Are you scrolling through the interwebs trying to make the most sense of getting healthy, only to be left scratching your head while you chase your Cheetos with your third Dr. Pepper because you need quick energy?

Oh… maybe that was just me? 

I’ve counted points, calories, measured food, and drank all my meals for weeks at a time too! I have worked out for hours a day, leading to injuries that prevented me from any workouts. That just perpetuated the problem further. I know the feeling of surrender when I thought “this is just the way my body is and I’m supposed to feel tired all the time”.

Do you doubt your ability to get in the best shape of your life-mentally, physically, and spiritually, just like I have?

Those voices of negativity and FEAR have also gotten the best of my mind, making me question if I had what it took to be better. The truth is we were created for so much more! 

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.  

–Proverbs 31:25

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Your joy has an enemy. Its name is stress.

Your joy has an enemy. Its name is stress.

Hey Sister! There is a better way!  

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to change your story, wake up and be ready to face each day head on? 

Imagine if you: 

  • Believed you could change your life TODAY. 
  • Had even more energy to scale your business without relying on sugar & caffeine.
  • Had ALL the tools necessary to make a positive change at your fingertips. 
  • Had a meal plan that is delicious, healthy & EASY. 
  • Spent your days living and loving life. 
  • Learned how to manage time so you don’t feel like your middle name is “Chaos”. 
  • Didn’t have to add hours at the gym to get into those skinny jeans again. 
  • Were educated on the nutrients your body needs for optimal health. 
  • Found a solution to your never-ending search to lose those extra pounds. 
  • No longer became the PMS monster that sent your loved ones running for the hills each month. 
  • Understood the part that stress & hormonal imbalance plays in the weight “game”. 

Beautiful girl, you were made to do hard things. So BELIEVE in yourself! 

Stop believing the lies (SERIOUSLY! JUST STOP!) and let’s tackle this monster TOGETHER!  

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Thrive Where You Are.

Thrive Where You Are.

The older I get, the better the version of me becomes! 

I went from frumpy to feeling fabulous after 20 years of scrambling for confidence. I’m not perfect but now I’m confident (I have bad days like you, but then I kick those mean girl voices out of my head! ...I didn’t want to sit at your table anyway!) The key, sweet sister, is a mind shift change and truly understanding your worth! There are greater things ahead for you! 

I have used my 15+ years of experience in health and wellness, entrepreneurship, management, sales and leadership to help you gain control of your life by adding hours to your day! I spend my days researching the cutting-edge methods of maintaining health so you don’t have to. I have created a wellness program full of grace, education, nutrition, organization, and success in your health! 

YOU CAN DO THIS! Let me help you.