Welcome to the Vulnerable You Podcast where stress is unscripted.

Join me for honest conversations woven in vulnerability as we deconstruct stress, explore its impact and discuss how to manage it better. It's time to Thrive Where You Are!

Episode 15

Stacy MacLaren is a daughter of God, wife, mom, Gigi to her grandson and she shares her vulnerable story of loss and how she has walked the path of healing and restoration that follows grief with God. We talk about the impact of stress on health and how to change health after a traumatic experience.

Episode 14

"We simply can't learn to be more vulnerable & courageous on our own. Sometimes our first & greatest dare is asking for support. "

-Brene Brown

Asking and ACCEPTING help is a difficult thing for people, especially women, because we feel judged on our ability (or inability) to handle all that life throws at us. However, this is a KEY pillar in recovering from the symptoms of stress and functioning well in life!

Episode 13

Inspired by a post from Mike Foster on Instagram, I discuss the impact of society on our stress levels. Women are burning out at increasingly rapid rates because of the pursuit of perfection that is exacerbated by social media. We are told to be ourselves; what we see as we scroll are women with seemingly perfect lives. As we add this burden to be ourselves, AKA “perfect”, we push our bodies into stress overdrive, resulting in Adrenal Fatigue or burnout.

Episode 12

Join me this week as I bring on Rebecca Hamlin, LCSW. She is a super special friend of mine and I am so excited to share her with you! This week we dive into how she sees stress in her counseling practice, strategies for wellness, becoming aware of triggers, and creating a life you don't need to escape.

We laughed so much, talked about important issues we face as women with families and businesses, and created some more awareness about the importance of stress management.

Episode 11

Work-related stress is at an all-time high and progressing steadily. It has been estimated that 75-90% of patient visits to primary care practitioners are due to stress-related illness.* Stress and busy have become synonymous; while being touted as a badge of honor.

Ericka gives 5 sustainable methods to prevent burnout from happening to you. 

Episode 10

Sometimes you meet a person that reminds you just how GOOD our God is!! Kayshaun Brooks is that person for me! She shares her life of struggles, turmoil, and how changing her mindset made all the difference for her health, business, and relationships. You will fall in love with Kayshaun’s story and her mindset!

Episode 9

Ericka shares 3 critical lessons she learned by losing her dogs that are the foundation to stress management. Life can teach many lessons if you are looking...even in the trauma of losing a beloved pet (or pets!).

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Episode 8

Cha'Lea Stafford sits down with me to discuss her traumatic childhood and how she has managed an autoimmune disorder which is a result of Adverse Childhood Experiences. 

We walk through her journey of perfectionism, achievement, anger, hurt, and the need for chaos in her life. 

"The stress doesn't ever disappear. I had to learn to be aware of it, define what they are and release them" -Cha'Lea Stafford 



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