There is a saying: Invest in your health now so you won’t have to pay for sickness later.

We hear the words but are we truly applying them? So often, investing in health doesn’t seem like the “fun” thing to use our money and time for. Especially if we currently struggling in our health. We want the quick wins, the fast-fixes, and the immediate change.

But how often is major change quick?

If we want to move, there is a process…pick a new location, sell our current home, find a new home, pack, move, unpack.

If we are changing jobs or careers, it’s similar to moving…there is a process.

We can change our hair color or hair cut fairly quickly.

We can change our clothes.

We can buy new shoes, new handbags, new jewelry and new makeup.

Those things are quick external changes that last a short while. But that is where we invest our money and time.

It offers a quick change, a feeling of satisfaction. It may even be that same mindset we apply to our health. We look for the “easy” button to health.

“what is the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to change my health?" Yet, we see as a nation…those quick  fixes aren’t working because we are the most obese nation, the weight loss industry is a $70 BILLION market, and stress is costing us $300 BILLION a year in sickness and loss of productivity in work.

Quick isn’t sustainable

Extreme diets or workouts don’t often give lasting changes. Restricted eating plans and intense changes in how we workout aren’t ways to invest in your health for 3 reasons:

  1. it’s not sustainable (story of my underrating and over-exercising)

  2. we don’t get to the root of the problem (stress, over-eating, hormone imbalance), we mask symptoms

  3. we are only looking at immediate gratification and not thinking of long-term benefits or gain

We may lose the focus of why we started and realize this is harder than we keep up with, so we quit. And the weight loss industry shows that we do this on repeat. Make goals, start strong, lose focus and drive, don’t see quick results, quit. Rinse and repeat.

We also think we “KNOW” what we need to do and we can do it ourselves. We just need a little more self-discipline.

Yet, common sense isn’t always common practice. Hearing Brendon Burchard say this at an event I attended a few months struck me. How many times do I “know” what I need to do but I don’t do it? And I am asking for help or just winging it?

In his book “high performance habits”, Brendon addresses the necessity of caring for our bodies in order to improve our performance in life, to live life intentionally. In order to be present, we must feel well.

Invest in your health

Getting to the root of why we feel unhealthy, unfocused, unmotivated is where we need to invest time and resources.

Getting help from a coach to transform how we approach our health is worth the life we create through that investment.

5 reasons to hire a coach

  1. they have been in your shoes and have empathy (personalize your coaching)

  2. they have a well-rounded approach towards health

  3. they see your blind spots

  4. they hold you accountable

  5. they have been trained and certified to promote lasting change in you, not just a quick win

So ask yourself as you think about how you approach your health & the affect it is having on your life as a whole, “what is it costing me to NOT invest in my health?”

Is it affecting your work? Your relationships? your sleep? your productivity? your focus? your weight? your immune system? Your ability to meet goals? your joy? your fulfillment?

I have a group program I am launching at the end of the end of the month called Revitalized Wellness.

if you are looking for a wholistic approach to health that creates lasting change, then head over to to learn more about this 12-week intensive group coaching program.

Together, we get to the foundation of health “stress management”. We don’t focus on an eating plan or a specific workout routine, we look at your lifestyle, mindset, and environment to see how it impacts sleep, diet, exercise, and symptoms of stress.

if you are ready to invest in your health for 2019, because you know you were created to make an impact, click the link to join a movement towards revitalized wellness. See you there!