Happy New year!!!!

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on some particular planners that I have.

First things first, I have two books that I really recommend in the scope of time management and really knowing how you’re best spending your time, and again not being busy but being productive, and doing the things that you really feel are leading to greater growth and greater outcomes in your life by some of the goals that you've set.

Book recommendation

The first book is, The Best Yes by Lisa Terkeurst. The tagline is "making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands". How well does that sum up your life??!! It fit mine to a tee! 

Her whole purpose in this book is to help women who are consistently feeling overwhelmed and dangling on that verge of burnout because their schedules are so demanding. She discusses points that I have shared with you before:  where do you want to be in life and where do you want to be spending your time?

What feels the most valuable to you? And knowing that things you are saying "yes" to become a "no" to something else. So, even though you're saying yes to everything there is something that you are saying not now too. 

Is it your health, relationships, productivity, joy....what is it for you?

What we're focused on is the fact that we've basically said “not now” to our health. We're trying to make changes, shift the mindset so that the health becomes much more of a priority rather than all these other little busy nuanced tasks that we're taking on that aren't necessarily serving us in the most positive manner. So that's definitely a good read.

The other one is Make It Happen by Lara Casey. I really like her!! Her book isn't necessarily how to manage your time. It's much more of a how to live your life on purpose book. Her tagline "surrender your fear, take the leap, live on purpose". I love love love this book because she really does dive into those fears that get into our head and it’s like she is in my head!

She tackles the thoughts and obstacles which hold us back from some of the very big goals that we have, the things that we feel we are being called to, that stirring within us.  And part of it is we are simply just not planning and allowing for space to accomplish our dreams and goals. 

We have talked about creating the margin for rest and when we're not allowing ourselves to have that space, it keeps us in this chronic mindset of fear. We start thinking “well I just can't do that because I don't have the time, because I don't have the resources, because I just don't know what the next steps are.”

And so she really helps break it down. She also is the creator of Cultivate of Your Life and they have something called Power sheets. I've never used the Power Sheets but basically they are a goal planning system. So it's really in-depth planning for the entire year. There is also a 6 month version. I've never used them. However, I have ordered to use in 2019 because I want to be much more intentional with my goal setting, and making sure that I have a plan every month to get me closer to the goals that I have.

Within my business and personal life, I have specific goals for each quarter to have steps towards each big goal. You know, those big scary goals that make you want to throw up a bit. There has to be a process of steps to get you from A to Z. One step at a time. Reverse engineer from the final goal to uncover the necessary steps to get to the final destination.

I am a big nerd and I have been watching quite a few YouTube videos, a lot of people have shared how they've been using the Power Sheets this past year and those that are getting ready for 2019 and I've decided that that is the next step that I need to take.

So, again, I haven't used them yet but if you do the research I think that you guys will agree that it's something that you want to incorporate.

Stress Free

This isn't something to put into place to overwhelm you. It's something to put into place to make life become more manageable. This is a tool to make it feel doable and to also be sustainable, so that you have a plan that you're putting into place. Everyday you're taking action towards specific goals.

Whether it's weight loss, organizing your home, paying off debt, getting a new job or promotion, getting into a new hobby, starting a business, … whatever it is there has to be a process! This is how stress management works!

I think that Power Sheets is going to be part of the game changer to become even more focused in on what I need to do for 2019 to make things happen and to hold myself accountable.  

About Planners….

I review the following planners:

-Passion Planner

-Franklin Covey Planner

-Goals Planner by Tools 4 Wisdom

-Moleskine Weekly Planner

What’s the next step?

Talking about 2019 excitement….. Are you heading into 2019 saying “Sayonara, 2018...Not gonna miss you, sucka!”?

Maybe you’re feeling tired of feeling so terrible? You are heartbroken and tired of saying every year “this is the year I get healthy!”.

You think the answer is a new diet and THEN you’ll feel amazing!

But maybe you are frustrated with trying all of the “diets” and workout programs that weren’t sustainable? You’re dead tired, irritated, and you can’t show up as the person you want to be.

You’ve been taking care of everyone else and you keep waiting for “some day” to come for you to change your story.

In order to get a new result, we have to do something different from what we have done before!

Instead of starting with a new diet...start with managing the stress!

We need a new belief system!

I have a 5 Day Stress Detox Challenge starting January 7th!

In 5 days, you gain the roadmap to revitalize your health in 2019!

Let’s get to the root of the issue, not mask the symptoms.

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