Last week we covered symptoms of high cortisol and I gave you some tips on how to naturally reduce your levels of increased cortisol.

This week we are talking about symptoms of a low cortisol

This week we're going to focus all on low cortisol and how you got to that place. Some of my clients will come to me with certain symptoms and typically what I see is that most people are coming with lowered cortisol symptoms. What's that mean? What are those symptoms look like.?

Well, last week I talked about high cortisol levels and how when you typically have higher levels of cortisol you're in a heightened state of stress. That means that you haven't been in a state of stress for a pretty long time because your body's ability to maintain the output of cortisol needed for that stress response is diminishing.

What are some of the symptoms of low cortisol?

Extreme fatigue
This is the number one thing that most of my clients are coming to me with.

Low blood pressure

Salt cravings

Very slow recovery from illness or an injury

Lack of appetite

Low blood sugar

Tend to have depressive tendencies

Hair loss is one of those symptoms as well

So if you are in a state of low cortisol, if you heard some of these symptoms and they are resonating with you; don't worry I'm giving you four tips today on how to increase those levels naturally and fairly quickly.

How to increase cortisol

Decrease your caffeine

Because as you rely on stimulants to increase your energy because you're so fatigued, you are basically doing the work that your adrenal gland should be doing; to send that cortisol up but also you're really impacting your blood sugar levels. This is the thing that most in my clients want to just cover their ears and pretend like they didn't hear me.

You have those chronic up and down spikes. So, it's really important for you. As you are combating stress to really minimize or completely take out caffeine. I know that that seems like a really big feat to accomplish but trust me just taking a decrease each day makes a huge difference in your body's ability to recover.

Decrease sugar intake

For the same reason that you're going to decrease your caffeine consumption. Sugar acts as a stimulant and so you want to make sure that you're minimizing that intake as well. Plus, It's an inflammatory. (I mentioned in the video before with symptoms of high cortisol) You really want to decrease your inflammatory foods that you're taking in. And, sugar is one of the top inflammatory items.

You're increasing your vitamins, your minerals, and adaptogens.

The third thing and I think this is a really key piece that a lot of people are missing. I don't know if it's just a lack of knowledge or if it also seems like a really confusing thing to do. You want to make sure that you're increasing your vitamins, your minerals, and adaptogens to help balance your cortisol levels as your body is in a chronic state of stress.

It's truly depleting nutrients from your body and it's not a secret that we as an American society eat really poorly. Our foods are not nutrient rich. We're typically grabbing processed foods things that are quick through the drive, through fried fatty and just really nutrient poor. As you have a heightened state of stress or your fight or flight your body demands a lot more vitamins and minerals.

It's really important that you are supporting your body so that it can recover. I suggest a comprehensive protocol that includes vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs to ensure that your recovery is much faster and more complete than if you did it without.

Proper nutrition

You want to make sure that every meal you consume has a protein, a fat, and a carbohydrate. But the carbohydrate you want to make sure is more of a form of fiber.

Think leafy green vegetables. Diet is key when you are dealing with chronic stress. If you give your body back the nutrients that it needs especially in times of chronic stress, your recovery is going to be faster. You'll feel better and your cortisol levels will be more normalized.

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