A brand Spankin' new group program unlike any other wellness program!

introducing a beta program for business women Created by a business woman!  

You're stressed. You're exhausted. You have a family and you run a business. Your "To-Do" list makes your chest tighten. You need more hours in your day and you have a hard time believing that rest is a real thing. 

You're confused about what to eat or how to exercise. And frankly, you have no time to figure it out! 

There is so much noise online about the newest diets, exercises, gadgets, and devices promising to solve all of your problems. 

The worst part is that if you are not feeling 100%, you can't be effective in your career or your family life. 

I know these things too well! I understand the stress and anxiety you may feel because I have felt them too! It wasn't until I stopped looking to a "diet" or an exercise program for my quick-fix answer and started evaluating the other areas of my health that were negatively affecting my overall health. 

But maybe there is a better way to manage your stress and wellness? Maybe there isn't ONE answer? 

I stopped looking for the ONE thing to fix ALL the things: weight gain, headaches, mental fog, fatigue, imbalanced hormones, irritability, and low energy. Instead, I decided I needed to approach my health holistically.  

  • If you are tired of trying the newest diets only to give up a few days in because of the restriction...

  • If you are suffer from chronic fatigue that leaves you dependent on sugar and caffeine and spent at the end of the day with little energy for your loved ones...

  • If your brain fog has you wondering if you are losing your mind and missing important details in your work...

  • If your stress is causing anxiety and depression and leaving you paralyzed with overwhelm... 

  • If you are frequently sick or getting over a common cold takes much longer than normal...

  • If skipping meals is the norm and then you find yourself over-eating...


Intentional Wellness is for you!



I created a 6-week program that is different from any other program! As a certified Women's Wellness Coach, I wanted to give you a COMPREHENSIVE program that allows you to learn VARIOUS strategies which will equip you to make your health a priority.  We start where you are, with what you have! Together, over 6 weeks, we will join other women who are all striving for success in health, family, and work to create new behaviors that promote health! You will have an amazing community of women to discuss important aspects of health and stress management that will make this journey sustainable. 

Each week in Intentional Wellness you get a new module with a topic of focus and strategy to implement:

  • diet
  • exercise
  • stress management
  • sleep
  • supplementation
  • mindset
  • goal setting

We will also have a LIVE group coaching call each week that will be recorded for your future viewing. This is your chance to get personalized attention and strategies for you!